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How are Electronics Serviced?

Ask the Engineer

Unity engineer Dave shows how easy it is to access the electronic components of a Unity Laundry machine, making service calls fast and uncomplicated for service techs.

How is a Machine Installed

Ask the Engineer

Dave, our expert engineer, goes over how an install works when a Unity Laundry machine arrives at your facility.

How to Install Existing Programs

Ask the Engineer

Already have a favorite program of washing cycles that you like to run at your facility? Unity's engineer, Dave, explains the simple process of uploading existing programs into a Unity Laundry washing machine.

How to Service the Control Panel

Ask the Engineer

Unity engineer, Dave, walks through how a control panel is served, with simple access and a standard layout, making field repairs easy and fast for field technicians.

How to Skip Wash Cycles

Ask the Engineer

Sometimes you just want to speed things up. Our engineer shows you how to skip active cycles while the Unity Laundry washer is running.

How to Use the Emergency Stop Button

Ask the Engineer

Unity Laundry Systems engineer, Dave, takes you through the basics of when the big red emergency stop button should be used and what to do after it's been pressed.

Stop a Live Cycle (Without Emergency Button)

Ask the Engineer

IMPORTANT: The emergency stop button is intended for use in emergency cases such as equipment failure, personal injury risk, etc. In this video, our engineer shows you how to stop a cycle without using the emergency stop button. Trust us, it's better for the machine, better for you, and cost saving for everyone.

The Difference Between Home & Commercial Washers

Ask the Engineer

Dave, our expert engineer at Unity, explains the main differences between a home washing machine that may only last a year at commercial scale usage, vs. a commercial washing machine that's built to last under constant runtime for many years.

What if I Don’t Have a Floor Drain?

Ask the Engineer

Dave, our resident equipment engineer, explains what we've done to create a solution for facilities that may not have floor drains built in. This is common in applications that don't include laundromats or hospitality laundry rooms.

What is a Soft-Mount Washing Machine?

Ask the Engineer

Unity Laundry engineer, Dave, explains what the difference is between a soft-mount washer and a traditional hard-mount washer when it comes to commercial washing machines.